“No Problem Sneaking Past Security”

Harmless breaches and successful stunts serve as a planning guides for those who intend serious harm. The jacket-wearing stadium staffer is an antiquated approach to a modern-day concern. Their colored jackets are a psychological barrier. Nothing more. It’s window dressing. Security “theater.” This recent breach should serve as a warning cry to the complacency stadiums put toward safety. The chance of something happening? A statistically low percentage. Like driving your car. The accident isn’t likely. But when it happens , you know your seatbelt works. Stadium security is still buckling-up after the crash.


Remember this: Taken as a whole, event staff is largely undertrained, underpaid, and lack any social accountability. There is almost no incentive for them to do their job particularly well. Why? Because they have a built in excuse: “I’m a $10/hr staffer. What do I know?” The result is a very diluted focus on safety. Rather than rising to the level of your expectation, they falter to the standard of their training. This means they’re more likely to watch the event than the crowd while they stand around and simply wait for something to happen.

Security Expert Spencer Coursen specializes in threat assessment protective intelligence and vulnerability reduction. Coursen Security Group Logo.


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