Spencer Coursen – Advisor | Consultant | Strategist | Veteran

Spencer Coursen is the President of Coursen Security Group. He is an expert security consultant, threat assessment advisor, and protective strategist who is dedicated to reducing risk and preventing violence. Spencer Coursen’s systems and strategies help corporations, non-profit organizations, schools, and at-risk public figures ensure the certainty of safety for all involved.  via  www.SpencerCoursen.com 

Security Consultant Spencer Coursen in New York City
Spencer Coursen in NYC
Security Consultant Spencer Coursen
Spencer Coursen
Spencer Coursen | Afghanistan
Spencer Coursen – Afghanistan / Pakistan border
Spencer Coursen Zero Dark Thirty
Spencer Coursen featured in a unit still photography of Zero Dark Thirty, Directed by Kathryn Bigelow. DP Greig Fraser. Photography by Jonathan Olley 2012.


Spencer Coursen in Amman, Jordan
Spencer Coursen in Amman, Jordan