Have you been Harassed, Threatened, or Stalked Online?


Today’s social media users are more safety savvy than ever before and want their service providers to be at the forefront of safety initiatives.

Many websites and mobile applications have responded by enhancing their safety provisions with in-app “Report” features to help ensure user safety.

But what happens to that information once it is reported?

Is this information assessed, managed, tracked or trended?

Until now, websites have only has access to reported information on their own site. They have no way of knowing about predatory behaviors which begin on one website but then “jump” to another. 

The regrettable reality is that with the prevalence of rapes and sexual assault going unreported, and the low conviction rate for those accused (1.2%), online dating and social media remains very attractive to online predators.

We can do more to help keep women safe!

Online predators hide in the shadows between servers. This provides them the anonymity they need to target multiple victims on different websites with intent to harass, scam, and even harm their victims.

So what can realistically be done?

DateSiteData.com helps to bring sunlight to those dark corners of danger where these hazards hide in the shadows and help bridge the gap of concern between platforms.

Think of user concerns like a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces have been blown around by a tornado. Each website only has a few pieces of the bigger puzzle. But when these pieces are collected from the different sites and assessed by a professional puzzle maker, they begin to reveal the bigger picture and make the evolving concern more clearly seen.

By providing an anonymous, safe, and secure public forum where users can submit their concerns from across all social media and personal platforms, DateSiteData.com is able to cross-reference the stories shared through their own forum with similar concerns submitted by participating clients.

Once upon a time, cars were made without seat belts. It wasn’t long before auto manufacturers wanted to make the user experience safer for the driver. DateSiteData.com is the new seatbelt for websites; designed to keep you safe for the road online.

Soon enough, anytime a user hits the “report abuse” icon already provided on sites like Instagram / Match.com / eHarmony / Tinder / FB, etc., DateSiteData.com will be forwarded that submission for assessment and tracking.

These participating websites will then have access to a full range of reported data from similar providers and will receive monthly protective intelligence reports based on the trending analytics. These protective intelligence reports will then allow website developers to go back and make their own websites and applications even more safe for their users. 

With the help of those willing to share their experiences, DateSiteData.com is dedicated to identifying the trends of online predators in order to prevent them from emotionally or physically harming anyone ever again.


Spencer Coursen helps manage unfavorable circumstance toward favorable resolve. He is a security advisor, analyst, consultant, and strategist who is dedicated to reducing risk and preventing violence. His systems and strategies help corporations, non-profit organizations, private individuals, schools, and at-risk public figures ensure the certainty of safety for all involved.



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